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Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd

For the past 15 years, my work has been researching social tools and their impact on media, business, and society, and in recent years, a growing concentration on the future of work and the rise of the social economy. I divide my time across research, writing, and public speaking.

My approach to work has grown from my background as a programmer and developer, and in combination with my natural tendency to look over the near horizon to envision adjacent and nascent technologies, I have come to think of myself as a ‘socialogist’, advocating new societal and business policies based on the rise of social tools, with a healthy dose of social criticism and future studies in the mix.

Starting with the rise of the social web, I have been instrumental in the development and dissemination of critical ideas, like social tools (1999), hashtags (2007), work media (2009), publicy (2010), the postnormal era (2011), and socialogy (2012).

I started my career (if that’s what this is) as a software researcher working in programming tools and software environments. I have served as adjunct computer science faculty, an inadvertent entrepreneur, an software analyst, a newsletter editor, a columnist, president of a blog media company, and mostly as a commentator and advisor. I have served in other roles and appointments, far too many to enumerate.

I have presented at numerous conferences and events worldwide, including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, GigaOM Net:Work, Reboot, Next, Mesh, Shift, Lift, SIBOS, Defrag, SxSW, and TEDxMidAtlantic.

I am the lead research for social business and the future of work at GigaOM Research. My other writing is found at it reflects my opinions and not those of GigaOM.