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Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and a technology pioneer driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges. He is a founder of World Innovation Institute, Moon Express, inome and InfoSpace.

Naveen is a trustee of the board at the X PRIZE Foundation, which is focused on finding entrepreneurial solutions to address the global challenges in health, education, poverty, agriculture and clean water. He is also on the board of Singularity University, an interdisciplinary university with the mission to educate and inspire leaders to address humanity’s grand challenges through innovative technologies. Naveen is a member of Pacific Council on International Policy and the Explorer club.

Naveen has been awarded many honors for his entrepreneurial successes and leadership skills, including “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Albert Einstein Technology Medal” for pioneers in technology, “Top 20 Entrepreneurs” by Red Herring, “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur” by Silicon India and “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Red Herring for his leadership in the technology industry and support of other entrepreneurs.