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Lisa Gansky

Lisa Gansky

Lisa Gansky

Lisa Gansky is an instigator, entrepreneur, angel and author of the bestselling book, The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing & the global sharing economy directory. Lisa writes, speaks, invests and advises on the topics of the Sharing Economy including: the hidden value in waste, cities as platforms, community based marketplaces and the rise of local manufacturing. Her passion and interest is to create and test new models and partnerships that will engender creativity and vitality in our cities and local economies.

Lisa is an advisor and investor in: Feastly, Greenstart, Honest Buildings, Mosaic, mPact, munchery, PixelPipe, RelayRides, Ridepal, Sidecar, Scoot Networks, Squidoo, TaskRabbit, Vayable and Yerdle.