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Gabriel Adauto and Jacob Klein

Gabriel Adauto and Jacob Klein

Gabriel Adauto’s mission is to instill in learners a sense of wonder and empowerment. With a B.S. in Computer Science and a Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford, Gabriel developed his engineering expertise in enterprise software development, performing roles such as Product Release Lead and Architect. He spent five years teaching technology classes, including Video Game Design, to children in the Bay Area and Sweden. Motion Math combines his technical skills with his passions for education and games.

Jacob Klein is an award-winning media producer, educator, and software developer. He’s earned several Stanford degrees: a B.S. in Symbolic Systems, a Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology, and a hearty pat on the back from the Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship. Jacob tutored students in math and writing, and taught at a KIPP charter school. He’s excited to build Motion Math into a company that can provide many playful, rigorous learning experiences that inspire and delight.