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Bradley Kreit

Bradley Kreit

Bradley Kreit joined the Institute for the Future in the Health Horizons program in 2009. His research at IFTF builds on his background in anthropology and history by exploring how everyday challenges, decisions and contexts shape long-term futures--both in individual lives and at larger scales. He primarily researches issues involving food, health and biological identity.

As a researcher for the Health Horizons, he has written on how emerging life sciences and technologies are reshaping our understandings of illness, identity and well-being. With the Global Food Outlook program, his interests lie in considering the different strategies and approaches people are using to navigate the increasingly complex web of choices people have to make in order to simply eat dinner. He frequently speaks and facilitates meetings with health system, food and consumer goods companies. He also regularly shares thoughts, reactions to signals, and working forecasts on IFTF’s Future Now blog.

Prior to joining IFTF, Brad worked as a writer, editor and teacher. He holds a B.A. in history from Connecticut College and a Master’s degree in Anthropology from UC San Diego.