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Fast Cities

How Kimbal Musk Is Laying The Groundwork For Healthier Communities

With more than 300 learning gardens nationwide, The Kitchen, Musk's restaurant and nonprofit group, factors kids into its equation.

The long view: To engineer a large-scale food transformation, Kimbal Musk is going local.

[Photo: William Widmer]

1. Who they benefit

The modular gardens are built on the grounds of schools, many of them in areas that lack access to fresh food. They are maintained throughout the year by teams of students and neighborhood volunteers.

2. How they work

Each garden is assigned a "regional educator" who connects the Kitchen community and the local school. They work with teachers to create lesson plans for students as they grow vegetables and herbs.

3. Why they work

It’s about the ripple effects. "We get emails from parents asking us what kale is because their kids are asking for it," says Musk. "That kind of extraordinary presence in the community is critical to the future of real food."

A version of this article appeared in the October 2016 issue of Fast Company magazine.