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Watch This Video About What It's Like To Walk Around While Female

Ten hours of walking around New York City, compressed into two minutes of terribleness.

"Mmm, sexy." "Give me a smile!" "I want to do [X,Y, ridiculous, terrible, gross things] to your body." "You got a boyfriend?" *weird, leering smile* "I love you." *lip smacking sounds*

If you're a woman and have ever stepped out in public in New York City, these are probably reactions you receive at least once a week, if not every day. The cornucopia of verbal abuse and violating gestures has no end. According to a study released by Stop Street Harassment earlier this year, some 65% of women in the United States have experienced something like this at least once.

But it’s hard to understand what that’s like if it never happens to you. That’s why anti-street harassment group Hollaback created a video of what happens to a young woman who has the gall to go outside and walk down the street. She’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt. (Not that it actually matters what a person wears.)

So watch what happens to her over the course of a mere 10 hours. It’s probably something everyone should see.