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A Highly Unusual Way To Encourage Recycling: Vending Machines That Also Feed Stray Dogs

Recently installed in Istanbul, these recycling machines take people's bottles and dispense dog food to strays. Awww.

Here's a new way to get people to recycle: helping out animals who need food.

Recently installed in Istanbul, these recycling machines not only take people's bottles. They also dispense dog food and water at the bottom. They're from a local company called Pugedon, which offsets the cost of the chow by reselling the plastic.

See more in the video here:

The vending machine is aimed at the city's thousands of stray dog and cats, and takes a burden off residents who normally care for them. It seems like a convenient way to get two household chores done at once: recycling and feeding the animals.

We await similar machines in New York, though presumably there might be concerns about attracting rats and other pests.

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