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With This Wearable Drum Kit, Your Body Becomes A Backing Band

These body sensors let you show off your brilliant rhythm skills by just tapping out a beat on your chest or leg. Everyone around you is going to love it.

With This Wearable Drum Kit, Your Body Becomes A Backing Band

[Image: Drumset via Shutterstock]

Your legs are snare drums, your arms are hi-hats. With DrumPants, your whole body's in the band. This wearable sensor kit lets you tap out whatever music you fancy, and there's no need to carry around heavy equipment.

Developed by Tyler Freeman, a musician from San Francisco, the DrumPants sensors attach inside items of clothing, letting you make music as you ride the subway or sit in a bar. You can choose the sound you want to make (there are 100 in all) from a controller that attaches to a belt buckle then upload creations to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Freeman came up with DrumPants as a practical joke for his friends. But then he kept developing the idea in graduate school, and now he's created a fully functional product. He just needs a little crowdfunding help to get it to market. See his campaign pitch in the video above. The six-sensor combo and controller starts at $89.

"I'm imagining a world where social interaction is fostered by music creation," Freeman wrote in an email. "When people are just walking around the street wearing DrumPants, they can create music with anyone they run into, wherever that may be. Just jam a quick diddy with someone on the bus, or make beats with your friends on the street."

He's also used DrumPants as a teaching tool. "It opens up a whole new creative outlet for kids, especially ones that can't afford a $600 drumset and a practice space to play them," he says.