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Watch Batkid's Heartwarming, Crime-Fighting Adventure In San Francisco

An entire city came together to make a 5-year-old cancer survivor's dream of being Batman come true, including battling the Riddler and saving a damsel in distress. Get the tissues out and watch his adventure.

Miles Scott is just five years old, but he's already battled leukemia, the Riddler, and the Penguin. The latter two villains were taken on during Miles's day-long adventure as Batkid, where he cruised around San Francisco in a Lamborghini Batcar, saving the city from evil while thousands of people cheered him on.

The day was orchestrated by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which granted Miles his wish of being Batman (or Batkid, in this case) for a day. While the foundation has granted superhero wishes before, Miles's heartwarming case went viral, capturing the attention of the entire country.

Rescuing a damsel in distress tied to the train tracks, foiling the Riddler (who was attempting to rob a bank vault), apprehending the Penguin during a botched kidnapping of the San Francisco Giants mascot, getting the key to the city—it was all in a day's work for Batkid.

The entire city pitched in to make his day complete. He received the key to the city from the mayor, got a special issue of the San Francisco Chronicle dedicated to the adventures of Batkid, was featured on a TV news report, and even got the Riddler and the Penguin indicted by the Department of Justice. No, really.

It's rare for an entire city to rally around anything like this—it's the kind of thing that will be difficult to replicate. In the end, we have to hope that the Make-a-Wish Foundation got enough donations to make even more pie-in-the-sky dreams come true.