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Guerrilla Street Art Campaign Covers Fast Food Ads With Real Recipes

It's super easy to cook for yourself at home—and that's the point of the adbusting campaign. Convenience doesn't have to come inside a paper wrapper.

Check this out for a public service announcement: Someone is running around Cologne, Germany, covering up fast food billboards with real home recipes. Pretty simple, cheap stuff, too. Turkey and zucchini fried rice instead of a Big Mac, and spaghetti (which, okay, isn't terribly healthy either) instead of a "King des Monats"—Deutsche for the "King of the Month" burger.

It just goes to show that while fast food companies may market themselves based on convenience, it really isn't that much harder to keep some putenschnitzel (turkey) and zwiebeln (onions) in the fridge. It's also probably a lot healthier than the ground up blood vessels that come in your chicken nuggets, too.

Many thanks to Nerdcore for pointing this out (as well as suggesting that someone make an adbusting cookbook), and to Google Translate for decoding "putenschnitzel."