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Ride The Subway For Free In Moscow, But Only If You Can Do 30 Squats

To promote the Olympics, Moscow city officials are letting people ride the subway for free if they perform a little exercise.

Normally, it costs 30 rubles (92 cents) to ride the Moscow subway. These days, you can also pay in sweat.

City officials have installed machines that track commuters as they do a series of squats. Do 30, knees fully bent, and get a free ticket. It's all part of an effort to promote exercise ahead of next year's Winter Olympics. See how the ticketing machine works in the video below:

Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, told the RIA-Novosti newswire: "We wanted to show that the Olympic Games is not just an international competition that people watch on TV, but that it is also about getting everyone involved in a sporting lifestyle."

Get your squats in now: the machines are set to disappear before Christmas, presumably to the dismay of all the squatters in this video.

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