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Join Our New Discussions About Social Entrepreneurship

We're working with the Social Citizens subreddit to get people talking about interesting questions, and we want to hear from you.

Join Our New Discussions About Social Entrepreneurship

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The world and worldview that we write about here on Co.Exist isn't always cut and dry. We're cataloging technological and philosophical innovations that will—if successful—create huge changes in the way we live and do business. Reasonable people will often disagree about whether some of those changes are good, and how best to implement them. We want to get our readers involved in some of those discussions that often play out in our articles and comment sections.

To that end, we're working with the folks at the Social Citizens subreddit (which is run by the good folks at the Collaborative Fund, who we've worked with before). They've been asking some of these interesting questions and getting great responses, like "What companies make you feel good about buying from them?" and "Which invention defined the 20th century? Which invention do you think will define the 21st?" We think Co.Exist's readers would have a lot to say on these topics and we want to hear from you. We'll publish a post with the best and most interesting responses to some of the questions, including today's:

What are some examples of societal or environmental goals that corporations should prioritize alongside shareholder value?

So, head over to this thread on Reddit and add your thoughts, and then look for them here in a few days. And stay tuned for more questions via our Twitter account.