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Banksy’s Latest New York City Masterpiece Is A Garden Inside A Delivery Truck

The truck, license plate 65797–MO, includes a waterfall, a digitally remastered sunset, and "plastic butterflies duct-taped over a fan that move around a bit."

With the promise of a month-long residency, British graffiti artist Banksy has been using New York City streets as a canvas for about a week. But despite the subversive goodness he’s rolled out on walls so far, his latest 3-D creation may be our favorite: It’s a mobile garden inside a standard New York City delivery truck, and it’ll be out and about "delivering calm" every day at dusk.

According to the audio recording that accompanied the post about the project on Banksy’s New York website, the "fully mobile, diesel-powered landscape has been brought to you by British graffiti artist, Bambi," who was "pissed" when he made it. The recording’s narrator—whose quiet, dulcet-toned presentation clearly takes a cue from late TV paint instructor Bob Ross—notes that the truck includes a waterfall, a "digitally remastered sunset," and "plastic butterflies duct-taped over a fan that move around a bit."

The mobile garden might not outdo the Spice Bus in terms of flash and interior perks, but the intent surely wins. The audio, which you can also access by dialing 1-800-656-4271 and pressing item #3, also notes that the piece is meant to draw a comparison between the act of painting city walls and the acts of John Steinbeck’s Great Depression farmer characters planting gardens at the edges of corporate-owned land, trying "to steal a little richness from the earth."

We’ll add it to our ongoing list of plant-based richness hitched to buses, bikes, and skyscrapers. In the meantime, you can search for the truck yourself tonight, as it’ll be cruising around the East Village with license plate 65797–MO.