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Watch This Video Imagining A Future Of Surgeons Wearing Google Glass In The Operating Room

What will it be like when surgeons get an assist from their glasses? Take a look and find out before you hit the operating table.

Though most doctors might not have the first idea of what to do if they found themselves with Google Glass on their head, a few forward-thinking surgeons are already using the technology in the operating room. In San Francisco, Dr. Pierre Theodore has used Google Glass to look at patient CAT scans during surgery; he compares the experience to looking in the rearview mirror while driving.

The brand Philips and consulting firm Accenture believe that's just the beginning of what Google Glass can do in the operating room. In this video, they demonstrate how Glass could transmit patient vital signs to a custom app that a surgeon would wear during surgery (in this proof-of-concept, just in an operating room simulation lab).

In its new digital accelerator lab, Philips is developing other clinical uses for Glass—such as the ability for doctors to call up patient records, watch patients in the recovery room, record surgeries for training (at least one doctor has already live-streamed surgery with Glass), and go through safety checklists.