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To See The Future, Just Combine Random Buzzwords

A funny new site shows that predicting the future isn't any harder than taking a series of keywords and putting them in different combinations. Get ready for the "moral mania clash."

To See The Future, Just Combine Random Buzzwords

Want to know what trends we'll be following in a decade's time? Roman Tschäppeler, a consultant and author from Switzerland, has an idea to help you: Mix up a few commonly used buzzwords until the future becomes clearer.

Tschäppeler's Remix Demix project takes 222 keywords from today's media (like "drone," "green," "viral") and randomizes them into new combinations. As a result, we get phrases like "Heavy-Drone-Onomy," "Moral Mania Clash," and "Natural Artificial Meat"—which can be (jokingly) used to speculate about the world in 2023. Tschäppeler imagines "Heavy-Drone-Onomy" as Fedex and Pizza Hut making deliveries using unmanned aerial vehicles.

"All innovations and concepts are actually re-combinations of existing things and ideas," he writes on his web site. "Almost any combination of these words will form a vision that allows us to think about future developments."

In the video above, you can see Tschäppeler playing with 40 word blocks. You can play for yourself using this online generator, or take part in our own challenge. Here are some future trends we generated. What do they mean?