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Creating A "Farm-To-Fridge" Economy To Keep Local Food Fresh

Good Eggs mixes the low-fi pleasure of local food with the conveniences of e-commerce, bringing the farmers market directly to your front door.

You know that farmers market near you? It has really good, fresh produce. Produce that would be great to have in your kitchen. But it can be such a hassle to get there, and you end up settling for some gross packaged food instead. But what if getting the goods from farmers market didn't involve actually going? What if they appeared at your door.

That's the business proposition of Good Eggs, a delivery service that lets you order local food online and then brings it to your house. "When you go to, you place an order for your groceries," says co-founder and CEO Rob Spiro in this video, part of a series that Collaborative Fund (who we've worked with before) has commissioned about some of their portfolio companies. "Those orders go directly to the food producers. The farms are actually pulling produce out of the ground based on your order or bakers are baking the bread for you."

The idea is to both eliminate waste and get you eating better food. "We're not wholesaling. We're not worried about spoilage," says Good Eggs other co-founder and CTO Alon Salant. "We're trying to create a lean, streamlined flow of food that minimizes waste and creates a stronger connection between producers and consumers."

Good Eggs—which we wrote about a year ago as it was launching—is now currently available in San Francisco (as well as East Bay, Peninsula, Marin), Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.