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Can These Ridiculous Hats Stop Students From Cheating?

Students in Thailand donned this silly headgear to force them to focus on their own paper. Seriously.

Can These Ridiculous Hats Stop Students From Cheating?

In this time of low school budgets and high stakes testing, here is a truly low-cost education innovation: an anti-cheating hat made out of printer paper and paperclips.

The above is a photo of 90 students in a textile exam at Kasetssart University in Bangkok, Thailand. It appeared on an alumni Facebook page, only to disappear after it went viral and the school went on the defensive.

But the homemade blinders they’re wearing were, according to the professor, actually the students’ idea. "It was for fun, relaxation, and humor for the students ... I want them to feel relaxed in their exams," Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai told Agence France-Presse.

Indeed, nothing says "humor" and "relaxation" quite like a test seen through a tunnel of printer paper.

According to the AFP story and a series of reports from the Bangkok Post, school officials have apologized and scrapped the blinders, for now.