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Watch Robots Put Together A Tesla

This video of the electric car company’s factory shows some of the amazing automation that goes into building the car of the year.

Watch Robots Put Together A Tesla

The Tesla Model S may look and drive a bit differently than other cars—with a charge port in the rear and a fuel economy of nearly 90 miles per gallon— but it turns out the vehicles differences begin on the assembly line.

A video produced by Wired takes a look inside the car’s factory in Fremont, California, where an impressive array of robots collaborate with human to put the cars together. "We’re utilizing automation to the fullest," says Tesla’s VP of manufacturing Gilbert Passin in the video. "We have a variety of robots from the teeny little ones to a huge one that are able to move the entire body itself." Passin’s favorite is an especially versatile machine that’s able to insert seats into the Model-S, then change out his tools and install the car’s windshield and rear glass.

In conjunction with 3,000 employees, the robots turn raw materials into a finished car in three to five days. "We want to push the bounds of what can be done by robtos versus humans, so its a constant evolution," Passin notes. "This Tesla factory is the future of the USA and the world. That’s the way I see it."