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Finding Your Way Through The Maker-Movement-Fueled Consumer Electronics Boom

Because anyone can make a gadget in their garage, there are too many gadgets to keep track of these days. Grand Street hopes it can help find the best.

In the days before 3-D printers and simple industrial design software, electronics were the realm of just a few big companies. But with every passing day, the building of things is democratizing. Now someone can make a fun-shaped USB charger or a cutting board with a stand for your iPad and sell it online. The question is, how do you find them?

This video shows a solution: Grand Street, a new site that offers a curated look at the vast world of consumer electronics that are being built by the burgeoning maker movement. The idea is that you don’t have to crawl through Etsy to find the cool, small-batch electronics. It will do it for you. This video, profiling the founders and their business strategy, is part of a series that Collaborative Fund (who we’ve worked with before) has commissioned about some of their portfolio companies.