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Futurist Forum

We Are Living In The Imagination Age—And We Can Shape Our Own Future

Futurist Rita J. King says that the goal of future thinking is to cut through the crush of technological change to help people imagine a better future.

Rita J. King, the executive vice president for business development at Science House, says we’re living in a perfect age for people to use their imaginations to form what our future will look like. King, who has written for Co.Exist about how Twitter is changing the future of storytelling, the future of surveillance, and the future of memory in a technological age, spoke at a panel of futurists at Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored conference, as part of our Futurist Forum.

"I view the period that we’re in as the imagination age. Between the industrial era and the intelligence era, we have a chance to imagine the future we want to create together," she says. "I view the role of a futurist as a person who says 'We’re going somewhere,' despite how crushing this rapid rate of change may feel now. … We can create the future that we can imagine together, and then project it, and then live it."