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The British Healthcare System Is Asking Patients To Flee From Zombie Hordes To Get Fit

Since its launch in 2011, Zombies, Run has become one of the most popular fitness apps, with users logging logging 6.8 million miles. Now Britain’s National Health Service is prescribing the app to patients.

Unless you’re someone who actually enjoys running, you probably search for distraction as pain begins to build in your thighs. There’s music, of course. But an interactive zombie adventure where it’s up to you to save the world is much more interesting.

Zombies, Run, a popular gaming app, takes you into a post-apocalyptic world, where you’re one of the last survivors—and one of the only people who can make things right. The further you outrun the horrific hordes, the more ammunition, medicine and batteries you gather. Think of it as "Night of the Living Dead", but with you as the star (and where the ultimate goal is fitness).

The game was developed in 2011 following a successful $73,000 crowd-funding campaign. It has since gone on to sell more than 450,000 copies, logging 6.8 million miles from users. The app has been so successful that the British healthcare system, the National Health Service, recently ordered a modified version that doctors can prescribe to running-shy patients.

The video here is the promo for the second edition, released in April for $3.99. The new version of the app includes 33 missions and the ability to play your own music. And you don’t have to go outside, if that’s not your thing: it works just as well on the treadmill. But you still have to escape the blood-stained maniacs, even while running in place.