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Wendy Davis Running Shoes Keep Fighting The Patriarchy, On Amazon

Sneakers, the new symbols of feminist resistance. And Mizuno is happy to get on board.

Wendy Davis Running Shoes Keep Fighting The Patriarchy, On Amazon

If you followed Texas state senator Wendy Davis’s epic, 11-hour filibuster efforts against a bill that would have shut down all but five abortion clinics in the state (and quite possibly still will), you probably also know her shoes. The pink Mizuno Wave Riders Davis wore have become their own symbols of political resistance, a transference of values onto rubber soles.

Have the Wave Riders’ new-found glory translated into a spike in sales (kind of like the relationship between Glenn Greenwald and copies of Orwell’s 1984)? We asked Mizuno if the shoe company had noticed any material change. Not really, PR rep Harper Cornell said, though she acknowledged that fans do seem to be excited about the product placement on Wendy Davis’s filibusterin’ feet. It’s not a full-on endorsement of Davis, but it’s nice to see some corporate feminist responsibility between the lines here, instead of a bland corporate attempt to shy away from the issue entirely:

Mizuno was surprised by the sudden spotlight focused on our flagship running shoe, the Wave Rider, in the past 24 hours. We are proud of the running shoes we develop for our consumers. The Wave Rider is designed to give the comfort and cushioning needed whether it’s a 5K, a marathon or 10+ hour filibuster. At this time there are no metrics that suggest a spike in sales however by the online discussions our Wave Rider fans seem to be excited to see such attention on their favorite running shoe.

And the attention is starting to at least bubble up on Amazon. Just check out these amazing comments:

Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that Mizuno is happy to get on board in the United States. Women earning poverty wages by making athletic shoes elsewhere might not agree.