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Futurist Forum

In The Future, The Whole World Will Be A Classroom

Futurist Marina Gorbis discusses the future of education and how a new "socialstructured" world will change how everyone—children and adults—learns.

Marina Gorbis, author of the new book, The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World and executive director of the Institute For The Future, wrote in our Futurist Forum that:

"We are moving away from the model in which learning is organized around stable, usually hierarchical institutions (schools, colleges, universities) that, for better and worse, have served as the main gateways to education and social mobility. Replacing that model is a new system in which learning is best conceived of as a flow, where learning resources are not scarce but widely available, opportunities for learning are abundant, and learners increasingly have the ability to autonomously dip into and out of continuous learning flows."

To talk more about this new model, we invited Gorbis to speak with Fast Company senior writer Anya Kamenetz. You can see the resulting webinar above, where these ideas—and many more about where education is moving and how technology is helping it—were discussed at length.