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An App For Cats To Take Selfies

Does your cat ever get jealous of your narcissism? Snapcat makes it possible for our feline friends to photograph themselves in action.

While some forms of social media feel like a fad—take Snapchat, for example—there’s one facet of new media that’s probably never going away: cat pics. Cats have ruled the Internet since the first dial-up modems screeched out their song, but it wasn’t until now that they can actually have some agency in the matter. A new, humorous app for Android called Snapcat, is designed to let our furry friends take photos of themselves.

Simply open up the app and a red dot begins dancing around the screen. When your cat swats it with her paw, your phone will take a picture with the camera pointed at the cat. The pics are directly shared via Facebook, Twitter, or EyeEm, the photo sharing platform that helped create the app during a 24-hour hackathon focused on the future of photography apps.

So are apps for cats the next big thing for media? If user reviews on Google Play (the marketplace for Android apps) tell us anything, probably not. As one reviewer wrote, "I was impressed by how fast my screen got destroyed! Great work!"