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This Guy Lives Moneyless, Stateless, And Proud

This man exemplifies a pure idea of the sharing economy. Can he change how you think about money?

elf Pavlik (that’s his name, with the lowercase) has been living the last four years without money. He doesn’t have it, use it, or believe in it. He’d rather share his time and skills, exchanging what he can for food and lodging, wherever he can get it.

He’s also "stateless." Born in Poland, he now goes where his imagination takes him—to friends, events, and creative adventures. Pavlik is the antithesis to how most of us live, always worrying about money, and he’s the true embodiment of the "sharing economy" (unlike many so-called "sharing sites," which aren’t really about mutual exchange, but renting stuff for money).

Pavlik describes how dispensing with money has changed how he relates with other people:

I remember when I still used money, for example I had [a] paid job and [I was] buying food and paying for an apartment, and so on, that my relations with other people were often indirect and not really personal. Someone hires me and expects me to do what he or she wants, rather than what we want to do together. Nowadays, if I work with other people, we..have [a] common vision.

Pavlik doesn’t see himself as a "freeloader" (for reasons explained here), and he’d rather adopt a solution to money (as he sees it) than simply complain about it. Good luck to him.