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Futurist Forum

Join Us To Hear About The Future Of Education

As part of our Futurist Forum, we’re hosting a talk with Institute For The Future Executive Director Marina Gorbis about the changing ways we learn.

Update: You can see the full webinar here or watch it below.

In our latest Futurist Forum live discussion, we’ll be talking with Marina Gorbis, author of the new book, The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World and executive director of the Institute For The Future. Gorbis will share insights from her current research on social production (aggregating microcontributions from large networks of people utilizing social tools and technologies) and specifically look at how it’s changing the face of education—through innovations from MOOCs to educational experiences we haven’t even imagined yet. You can read some of Gorbis’s talk about how the future classroom won’t exist, because the whole world will be a classroom in our Futurist Forum series here.

On Monday, June 17, at 4:00 p.m. EST senior writer Anya Kamenetz will be moderating a discussion with Gorbis. Tune in to find out how you—and everyone else—will be learning in the future.

Simply follow this link to register with Cisco’s WebEx software now, and then sign in on Monday to take part and bring any questions you might have.

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Watch the webinar here: