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Futurist Forum

Join Us To Hear About The Future Of Work And Jobs

As part of our Futurist Forum, we’re hosting a free online discussion with futurist Glen Hiemstra about how our work life is going to evolve.

Update: You can see the full video of the webinar here.

In our latest Futurist Forum live discussion, Glen Hiemstra, founder of, will look at how work will evolve over the next several decades both in America and globally. Work is in the process of becoming more knowledge intensive, but it is easy to exaggerate the importance of this trend. The job as we understood it is disappearing, even as history is likely to repeat itself and produce unprecedented levels of employment. There will be jobs in the future, ranging from the familiar, like dental assistants, to the exotic, like brain augmenters. What will the jobs be and how can one best prepare?

On Friday, May 24, at 2:00 p.m. EST senior writer Anya Kamenetz will be moderating a discussion with Hiemstra about all these issues. Tune in to find out how you’ll be making money in the future.

Simply follow this link to register with Cisco’s WebEx software now, and then sign in on Friday to take part and bring any questions you might have.