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Futurist Forum

The End Of The Future And The Rise Of The Present

Present Shock author Douglas Rushkoff talks about how the digital revolution can change our concept of time and reinvent how we live and work—if we embrace it correctly.

Douglas Rushkoff isn’t a futurist, he’s a "presentist." In the video above, he explains that that means that he no longer is concerned with the future, because the future is merely a construct of a certain, linear way of viewing time. That model, he argues in his book Present Shock, is no longer operable in a digital age when everything—emails, tweets, TV shows, finance—happens instantly.

That change can be shocking and overwhelming: the feeling that we’re all overloaded by alerts from our phones and the infinity of choice of movies on Netflix. Rushkoff says that’s a real concern, but that—if you can overcome the always-on mentality—an embrace of the present can drastically change everything from global financial markets to how you interact with your boss.

Watch the whole video above and stay tuned for more talks with futurists in the coming weeks.