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This Hilariously Enormous Infographic Shows That Sharks Don't Kill You, You Kill Sharks

Contrasting the amount of people eaten by sharks annually with the number of sharks killed by humans in a single day puts the deadly ocean predator’s plight in a different context. It’s more sharks than you can possibly prepare yourself for.

Despite their reputation as the ocean’s most deadly creature, sharks may have to cede that title to a creature that doesn’t even live there—humans. Consider the following facts: sharks kill just a handful of humans every year. Humans, on the other hand, kill tens of thousands of sharks every hour, or about 100 million per year, as a study published this March revealed.

That information is convincingly displayed in an infographic collaboration between content marketer Joe Chernov and the design studio Ripetungi. According to the project’s page, many of the sharks are killed through the gruesome process of "finning"—where fishermen hunt a shark, detach its fin, and discard the rest of the body in the ocean. Finning has only increased in recent years to fuel the demand, mostly in China, for shark fin soup, a traditional delicacy.

Are you worried about getting eaten by sharks? Sharks are, as the infographic is about to show you, much more afraid of getting eaten by you. Prepare to scroll:

There are 39 species of sharks that are now threatened around the world. "We are now the predators," Elizabeth Wilson, manager of global shark conservation at Pew Charitable Trusts, said in a statement. "Humans have mounted an unrelenting assault on sharks, and their numbers are crashing throughout the world’s oceans." The infographic comes as part of an effort among shark conservation organizations like Pew, and the Shark Conservation Society to put renewed pressure on governments around the globe to save sharks from extinction.