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Change Generation

The Hot Cheetos And Taki Kids Are Back With New Tracks, Slinging Rhymes About Khakis And Bikes

After propelling to Internet fame with a rap about snack food, Y.N. Rick Kids—the work of an organization trying to empower kids through hip hop—just dropped two new tracks.

Do you remember "Hot Cheetos and Takis," the hip-hop ode to junk food performed by Minneapolis kids? Well, eight months after their stunning debut, the Y.N. Rich Kids are back, with two new songs, ready to be the summer jams of 2013.

Above, you can check out "Khaki Pants," about their stylish school uniforms. And then below, you can see "My Bike." Both should be in heavy rotation this weekend.

Y.N. Rich Kids are, as we wrote last August, the product of an organization called Beats and Rhymes, which operates out of the North Community YMCA in Minneapolis. The Beats and Rhymes founder, an AmeriCorps vet named Alicia Johnson, told us then:

"When you work with young people, you always want to know what kids truly are interested in. What do they want to do when they grow up? Over and over again with my boys I kept getting, ‘I wanna be a rapper.’ And I’m like, What does that mean? And they’re like, ‘Oh, I just want to write my raps and be on TV and be famous.’ But there’s a lot more to it."

They’ve actually released 10 CDs over the last six years, but it wasn’t until "Hot Cheetos" that they achieved any fame. Now, though, the release of two songs should garner a lot of attention. And that’s a good thing, Johnson said:

"This will get them a million more adults to care about them, who will hold them accountable whenever we all get old. There will be lots of people to keep them in line and say, ‘Hey. Don’t you have stuff to do?’"