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This Child Abuse Poster Has A Secret Message Just For Kids

These ingenious Spanish ads are designed tell children about a path out of abuse that their abusers can’t see.

116 111. That’s the number you have to call if you’re a kid in Spain. Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation (ANAR) created this ad, also a physical innovation in advertising.

It asks:

"How can we get our message across even when they are accompanied by their aggressor [their parents]?"

ANAR’s answer is to post two messages: one at adult height, another at kids’ level. Developed by the Grey Agency, the billboard is an "outdoor lenticular," split for age. At the top, an "awareness message" about child safety. In the middle, a confidential space only visible to kids under 10.

116 111. If someone hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.

Grey placed 10 boards in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Valencia, and Seville recently, but only for a week, according to spokesperson Isabel Tañá Arnaus. It’s the first time the agency has used the boards.