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This Cereal Will Improve Your Sex Life (Supposedly)

If we’re packing our foods with protein and antioxidants, why not also make some that are packed with libido-increasing foods? The subtly named Sexcereal does just that.

Need a boost to your sex life? Maybe the answer’s in the breakfast bowl, in the shape of Sexcereal, a granola-like product designed to increase libido. Yes, Sexcereal.

The "world’s first gender-based breakfast cereal," Sexcereal comes in two packs: one for her, and one for him. "The Male cereal supports testosterone and energy levels, while the Female cereal was created with hormonal balance and desire in mind," according to the website.

The product is the creation of a Canadian entrepreneur named Peter Ehrlich, who won funding on a recent episode of Dragon’s Den, Canada’s version of Shark Tank. Ehrlich says he came up with the idea after seeing a beautiful woman selling a cereal called Girlnola. "That was the first time I had ever seen sensuality attached to a health food product," he told the Toronto Star in February.

He’s not just attached sensuality to Sexcereal, but baked it in. Or, at least, that’s the claim. Having not tried it, we don’t know if it works, though the ingredients are wholesome, and some are known for amatory qualities. There’s maca ("nature’s Viagra"), cranberries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, almonds (among others) for the women. And pumpkin seeds, goji berries (both said to increase testosterone) and bee pollen, black sesame, maca, camu camu (among others) for men.

You can buy Sexcereal online (about $20 for a his and hers pack), or at one of 1,000 stores in Canada. If it doesn’t get you in the sack, Ehrlich isn’t offering a money-back guarantee. But never underestimate the power of suggestion—or of pumpkin seeds.