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Clean Your Mind: A Meditation Program Made Up Entirely Of Vacuum Noises

A brilliant campaign from Electrolux helps you relax by using the soothing tones of a house being cleared of its dirt.

Clean Your Mind: A Meditation Program Made Up Entirely Of Vacuum Noises

Vacuuming—and cleaning in general—can be a form of meditation. Who hasn’t zoned out a bit while pushing a vacuum back and forth? Even the drone of the machine is soothing if you listen to it right. Electrolux thinks that vacuum noises are, in fact, calming enough to be turned into a real meditation program.

In one of the most hilariously brilliant marketing moves we’ve seen in a while, the vacuum giant announced the launch earlier this month of Clean Your Mind, a meditation program made up entirely of noises from the UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner—the quietest vacuum cleaner ever, according to Electrolux. If meditation reduces stress, and you can meditate while vacuuming, that means vacuuming is good for your health, right?

In all seriousness, the meditation program is actually soothing. Electrolux explains in a press release: "Different sounds have been recorded directly from the machine, and then filtered and modified to create a palette of different 'instruments.'"

Listen closely and you can make out what sounds like drums and keyboards. I’d gladly listen to this while working (or vacuuming), if not for the voice giving constant meditation instructions over the instrumentation.

Check out the meditation program in iTunes, Spotify, or SoundCloud.