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The Power of One: An Anti-Malaria Campaign With Some Powerful Partners

An all-star team—including Twitter, a former Apple marketing executive, the people who ran Obama’s online campaign, drug companies, and more—are coming together with Malaria No More to make a huge push to stop one of the most deadly diseases in the world.

The Power of One: An Anti-Malaria Campaign With Some Powerful Partners

When potential new epidemics arrive—like the recent bird flu that has popped up in China—we panic. And yet, the more long-standing deadly epidemics get pushed to the side. Almost half a million people die from malaria every year; every minute, a child dies from the disease.

In honor of World Malaria Day, advocacy organization is announcing its Power of One campaign—an upcoming initiative supported by Novartis, Alere, News Corporation, Time Warner, and Twitter. Right now, Power of One is asking supporters to take a few simple actions in the fight against malaria: signing up for an email list and donating cash.

The email signup yields a full course of malaria treatment for a child in Africa. And donating just one dollar does the same thing. Novartis plans to donate up to 3 million courses of its pediatric antimalarial drug in the next three years, matching the number of treatments donated by supporters. Novartis and Newman’s Own Foundation are both laying out additional financial backing for the project.

"Novartis has signed on to support Malaria No More and the Power of One campaign because malaria is a preventable disease, and anything we can do to fight it is important. Teaming up with MNM helps us raise awareness and funds for malaria, and ultimately reach more patients, including the millions of children affected," said Paul Herrling, Chairman of the Board of the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, in an email.

The campaign, as you can see, has some powerful marketing juice behind it. Malaria No More is collaborating with West, a marketing and creative group founded by a former Apple marketing executive (Allison Johnson), on the initiative. Blue State Digital is using its grassroots advocacy expertise—honed by experience working on the Obama campaign— to spread the word, while Havas Worldwide is spearheading creative development and production.

The Power of One campaign launches in the fall.