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Find A Free Desk In Someone's Office, And Feel More Creative

Combining interesting freelancers with established companies can result in collaborative experiences no one would have imagined.

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Nick Couch describes Free Desk Here—his new service linking people who want a change of scenery with people who have desks to spare—as a "physical LinkedIn." It’s a way for people to meet new people, but "in a more meaningful way than just adding someone to the 500+ list."

The concept is simple. Creative agencies that have space post a picture of a desk and chair (preferably with "Free Desk Here" superimposed) and the type of person they’re interested in: "Writer, animator, someone different," "Open to all creative types." People then get in touch.

"Guests get a free desk with no strings. They also get to experience the agency’s culture and expand their network," says Couch.

The companies get to shake things up. "Even the most successful agencies need to constantly look outside their walls for inspiration," he says. "'Free Desk Here’ is an opportunity to bring in new people with a complementary skill set that could lead to future project collaborations."

Participating agencies so far include Weiden & Kennedy (which is looking for a scientist), and Eight Inc, which came up with the Apple Store concept.

Couch, who lives in London, also operates Open Studio Club, a sort of Airbnb for international studio space. "Travel can increase your levels of creativity," he says.