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A Glowing Message Of Hope For Boston

Projected on the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music using technology designed for Occupy Wall Street, New York offered Boston its support.

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Last night, glowing on the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New Yorkers were treated to a series of messages offering their support for the city of Boston in the wake of the Marathon bombings. The messages ranged from a simple "Brooklyn Loves Boston" to the Martin Luther King quote "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that."

The lights were the work of the Illuminator, a special van outfitted with projection technology that’s a mobile offshoot of the "We Are The 99%" projections on the sides of skyscrapers that wowed Occupy Wall Street marchers years ago. You can read more of our coverage of the genesis of the Illuminator here. The Illuminator had planned to protest at corporations for Tax Day, projecting "Tax Evader" on their walls, but quickly retooled when news of the bombings hit.

For two cities so often at odds—at least when you’re talking in the language of the sports logos used to represent the cities in the projection—it was a good reminder of our ultimate togetherness in the face of adversity.

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