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Hyperlapse Tool Takes Google Street View For A Ride

Use this new hack of the mapping service to go on a road trip from the comfort of your desk.

Hyperlapse Tool Takes Google Street View For A Ride

Google Street View is a pretty phenomenal invention—a milestone in the history of the Web. Viewing any street in the world (more or less) from your desktop, that’s still something to behold, even in these jaded times. For a bit of awe-making magic, take in this Street View of the Grand Canyon.

And then take a look at the video above. It is thousands of Street Views stitched together to create one big animated Street View, or "hyperlapse." Canadian agency Teehan+Lax has created a whole tool allowing you to make your own adventures. Just plug in two points, and it will do all the stitching for you.

The 60-frame-per-second experience goes best on Chrome, and you’ll need something better than a Pentium II to run it. Teehan+Lax has made the code available here, if you want to play with the parameters. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the ride.