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Meet the World's First Publicly Traded Human

Mike Merrill is a regular guy. He just happens to be fully controlled by a group of shareholders who vet his every decision.

Meet the World's First Publicly Traded Human

Mike Merrill is literally selling himself. Not his body, his self.

Since 2008, the straight-laced entrepreneur has been selling shares of his person at

As Joshua Davis at Wired tells the story, at first shareholders only voted on small projects, but now they make decisions about his most intimate life:

One anonymous investor sent Merrill on a date with a polyamorous woman. "She is currently seeing someone, but she has permission to date," he wrote in his after-action report. "I’m of mixed feeling about that, but I recognize that this is a decision for the shareholders to make." They decided against continuing the relationship but gave a 97% approval rating to a guy referred to as Jordon California. Feeling the weight of investor expectations, Merrill spent a drunken night "fooling around" with him.

The media attention has brought Merrill a number of new shareholders, but otherwise, life at KMikeyM headquarters continues, according to his latest email update: "We are working very hard on responding to the influx of new shareholders, our new venture Jumpbots, and we just completed moving in with our shareholder-approved girlfriend."

If you want to own a piece of Mike Merrill for yourself, he’s currently going for about $15 a share.