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Watch This Enormous Ship Being Built In Just 76 Seconds

The Maersk Triple E-class ships are both enormous and energy efficient. Here you can see one getting put together over two months, compressed into just a few seconds.

The world’s largest ship—the 400-meter-long Triple-E vessel by Danish shipping line Maersk—takes a team of South Korean shipbuilders about 65 days to assemble from its component pieces. In a time-lapsed video on Vimeo, the process unfolds in just 76 seconds.

The video is the first taste of a media collaboration between the shipping giant and the Discovery Channel, who’s documenting the construction of the ship every step along the way, and will air a six-part miniseries showing the process, from the design phase to its maiden voyage.

Maersk plans to build 20 ships, named "Triple-E" for their "economy of scale, energy efficiency and environmentally improved" design. The stats detailing the ship’s magnitude are staggering and worth savoring: It can hold 111 million pairs of sneakers. Its 18,000 shipping containers would completely fill Times Square. The area below deck is the size of a basketball court, football stadium, and hockey arena, combined.

And while the ship towers in size, there’s an area in which it won’t excel: speed. The Triple-E is optimized to operate at lower speeds, to cut fuel consumption. It will take the ship 23 days to travel its route from Shanghai to the Netherlands.

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