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Watch These Artists Make Amazing Art Out Of Just Colored Pencils

In response to the question "How do you work?" these designers answered, "Like total maniacs."

Perhaps you’ve never wondered what it would look like if 12,000 colored-pencils were shoved into a wall to form a color-gradient. That’s fine—but the folks at Toronto’s blackLAB Architects did, and unveiled the results at last month’s Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto.

Using the 25 colors found in a typical pack of colored pencils, the team tediously plugged each one into a grid, forming a spectrum that evolves from black to white, passing by a rainbow of shades along the way.

The installation was blackLAB’s response to IDS’s prompt "How do you work?". They were handed over a shipping container and given free reign to bring that understated question to life. Early on in the project, the architects wrote on their blog: "While we start to think about the design for the installation we are asking ourselves, not only 'how we work,' but also 'how we play,' and 'what makes a work space.'"

The resulting rainbow mosaic is, in fact, directly inspired by their work space: The one-year-old firm’s first major project was a makeover of their studio space—which involved the even more painstaking installation of 45,000 golf tees across a wall.

If perfectionism and attention to detail are "how you work," this installation is a fitting visualization of that work ethos.