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Use These Magic Mushrooms To Light Up Your Desk

Yukio Takano’s LED desk lights add a little fungal brightness to your workplace.

Use These Magic Mushrooms To Light Up Your Desk

A colorful shock of mushrooms clinging to a log or rotten stump can be one of the more delightful (and tasty) discoveries to make when out for a walk in the woods.

A Japanese mushroom-enthusiast-cum-lamp-designer has appropriated that lovely visual to lighten up a more mundane locale: the desk. Yukio Takano’s LED mushroom desk lights come in a range of eye-popping shades and shapes, made with glass and found wood, all of which look like they were plucked directly from nature.

The fungal lighting line is a reminder that it’s more than just a desk and chair that set the vibe for a workspace. Sadly, Takano, who works under the name The Great Mushrooming, only appears to sell the lamps at local design festivals. (He told one blogger the works are too brittle to ship.)