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Read Bill Gates' Annual Letter For 2013

The philanthropic billionaire releases a letter every year covering all the action the Gates Foundation has taken and what it sees as the way forward in its quest to improve education in the United States and the health and lives of people in the developing world. You can read this year’s letter here.

This year, Gates focuses on the impending deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (fast approaching in 2015) and what it will mean when we don’t hit them all. He also focuses on the possible end of polio, which is tantalizingly close, but will still take a massive effort:

Last January, after years of battling the disease, India celebrated a full year without a single case of polio. Most people expected India to be the most difficult place to eliminate polio because of its densely crowded urban areas, huge rural areas in the North, poor sanitation, large mobile populations, and over 27 million children born every year-more than in all of sub-Saharan Africa -that need to be vaccinated. Stopping the circulation of the virus everywhere in the country was the eradication initiative’s biggest accomplishment in the past decade.

He also discusses the Gates Foundation’s efforts to measure what makes a good teacher. He doesn’t mention, however, our favorite project the foundation has funded recently: the attempts to reinvent the toilet for the developing world.

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