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A 3-D Visualization Of The World's Carbon Emissions As Plumes Of Smoke

Emissions Globe is an interactive graphic that visualizes how countries’ emissions have grown by showing you not just numbers, but actual pollution.

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Carbon emissions are growing around the world, but not at an equal pace in all places. That’s intuitive enough, but the Emissions Globe, created by interactive media designer Robbie Tilton, highlights the disparities in emissions across the globe from 2006 to 2010 with a beautiful 3-D visualization.

Instead of charts and graphs (though those are available, too) the graphic lets you actually see the plumes of carbon emanating from different countries, giving the amount of carbon a more visceral feel than simply a line in a bar chart.

Here, we can see the world’s emissions as they looked in 2006.

And here, in 2010:

You can spin the globe, letting you see more of the southern hemisphere (here’s a hint: many fewer emissions down there). If only the data went back further, so you could see the true growth of emissions over the last century.