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This Is Why You Should Stay Home On Black Friday

Nothing says "being thankful" like getting trampled by a crowd of crazed discount seekers.

Every year, after Americans have stuffed themselves on Thanksgiving feasts, a significant portion of the population chooses to participate in the ritual sport known as Black Friday, where shoppers are elbowed, shoved, and trampled in the name of getting good deals. Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff project is trying to encourage people to stay home and resist the temptation to buy more things just because they’re being sold at a bit of a discount.

If you need some convincing, check out the video above. And then consider taking action on the Story of Stuff page. One positive option: uploading an image of one of the many things that are better than shopping (especially on Black Friday). Also, check out Holstee’s idea for "Block Friday," where you block Black Friday off for a more important activity than shopping.