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Change Generation

Turning The World's Cell Phones Into A Network Of Sensors

In your pocket, you have an incredibly powerful device that can be used to collect massive amounts of data. Nexleaf Analytics wants to help, by using our phones to quantify the world around us.

We count on cellular technology to transmit our every move to friends and loved ones, even when it’s completely unnecessary—like that Instagram pic you just posted of your lunch. But where some might see a tool for idle distraction, Nexleaf Analytics sees an opportunity for change: By utilizing the data storage and transmission functions of cheap cell phones, they’re able to collect specific, real-time information from around the world on everything from air pollution to seabird migration, without requiring users to have any more scientific skill than it takes to overshare on Facebook. It has the potential to turn every person into a scientist and connect everyone’s ubiquitous devices into a massive network of discovery around the world.

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