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An Umbrella That Makes Recycling A Part Of Keeping Dry

The EcoBrolly isn’t like a normal umbrella: It requires a piece of trash to make it work. But it’s a lot easier to carry around, and there is usually a spare newspaper when you suddenly find yourself in the rain.

An Umbrella That Makes Recycling A Part Of Keeping Dry

If you, like 1970s singer-songwriter Rupert Holmes, like getting caught in the rain (nope, that song is not by Jimmy Buffet), then this product might not be for you. If, however, you don’t feeling like being stuck in cold, wet clothes all day or showing up soaked for that meeting or date you have later, the Eco-Brolly has your back.

The is designed for those days when you’ve forgotten to check the weather, for those people who laugh in the face of 30% chance of precipitation, and for those places where spontaneous downpours are always a possibility. The clever concept allows you to grab whatever is around—a newspaper, a plastic bag, a folder, paper towels from the Starbucks bathroom—and turn it into an umbrella.

Created by Shiu Yuk Yuen, a product designer based in London ("brolly" is a Brit nickname for umbrella), the that collapses into a tiny, pocket-sized tube. All you have to do is unscrew the tube’s lid, poke it through your refuse of choice, screw it back over the tube, and pull out the bottom of the tube, which extends like a regular umbrella. There are also clips you can use to secure the edges.

The Eco-Brolly is mainly suitable for short walks, since , but the nice thing about it is it makes for a disposable umbrella. You no longer have to take up space at the office letting your open umbrella dry out.

Yuk Yuen lives in London, where rain is frequent but not always easy to predict. Although she says she designed the product "to encourage the society to take part in recycling," it is the convenience of the Eco-Brolly that may help it catch on.