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Change Generation

Bringing Real Food To The Drab Corporate Cafeteria

Why should you be forced to eat a boring meal provided by your company if there is a vibrant food culture right outside your office door? Cater2Me brings the passion of artisanal food producers to the office meal.

Although it’s hard for some of us to believe that there are still offices where meals are catered, these magical wonderlands do exist. But why feed your employees just any old thing? Cater2Me was founded on the notion that food should be a unique and communal experience, and by drawing on local food trucks, farmers markets, and passionate providers—as well as taking into account special diets and allergies—they’re able to provide tasty, diverse cuisine for teams large and small. By creating an environment where meals bring people together, Cater2Me helps inspire happy employees, and, ultimately, better business.

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