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This Funny Video Mocks Your Good Intentions (But Offers A Solution)

What would happen if you really, really cared about the rainforest? This guy finds out when he tries to organize some Indian tribes to defend their homeland, with painful results.

What can you actually do about saving the rainforest? It’s a question that caring, thinking people often ask themselves and struggle with. Is there actually anything meaningful that one individual can do, besides driving a hybrid and being a good recycler? In this video, filmmaker Max Joseph takes a look at converting your concern about the environment into individual action.

Sadly, as you can see, it doesn’t go so well for the protagonist. Joseph (who edited this Unreal candy promo and is, full disclosure, a friend and former coworker) depicts a young man driven to action by rainforest deforestation that he flies to South America and tries to rally native tribes into a Avatar-like battle with evil loggers. This does not end well for him, and he ends up sad, alone, and missing several digits. The solution—which also happens to be the organization behind the video—is to purchase shop for Rainforest Alliance Certified products, which means you’re doing something, but not anything so crazy and potentially damaging as starting armed conflict.

Absurdist, sure. But we’ve all struggled with the idea that what we can actually manage to do to make the world better while still having jobs and lives can often seen minimal at best, and offensively meaningless at worse. Can you really say you’re working for change if that work just involves a few minor lifestyle choices? This video may not fully answer the question, but it surely will dissuade you from going the more aggressive route.