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Change Generation

Create A Product With Emotion, By Giving Customers The Power Of Customization

Each one of Caseable’s laptop cases are unique, because you can make it your own down to the color of the zipper. Do we connect more with products we have made ourselves?

Sure, you could grab a case for your PC, tablet, or phone off the rack at Best Buy, but what does it say about you? Caseable gives customers the chance to customize their own unique protection for portable electronics by uploading a photo and designing every detail, down to the zipper color. Plus, every case and sleeve is handmade in Brooklyn from recycled materials, which means you can showcase your personality without guilt. The end result, says co-founder Marvin Amberg: "It’s products that matter to you."

This piece is part of Change Generation, our series on young, change-making entrepreneurs. Read the rest here.